We are so glad you are here!  Below you will find what we offer to our guests and participants.  When you arrive at the Storehouse, our team will explain how our process works and answer any questions you may have.  We can't wait to meet you!

Our Emergency Services > these are offered to all who are not a participant in our Circles of Hope or Advocacy program.

EMERGENCY FOOD BAG // Available once every 6 months

Our Emergency Food Bag consists of staples (pasta and sauce, canned meat, soup, canned vegetables and fruit, and more) to get you through the week.  Households of 5 or more receive 2 bags.

TOILETRIES BAG // Available once every 6 months

Toiletries bags consist of toilet paper, shampoo/conditioner, soap.

EMERGENCY DIAPER BAG // Available once every 6 months

Our Emergency Diaper Bags consist of all the needs you may need for your new baby!  Diapers, wipes, formula, bottles/nipples, pacifiers, socks, baby blankets, and more make up these bags to help fill in on these needs.

CLOTHING // Available as often as needed

Our clothing is for all guests and can be accessed as often as needed.  Our clothing is organized into gender, sizes, and seasons and are only the highest quality lightly-worn clothing.  This includes shoes and some accessories.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS // Available as often as needed

We have a small selection of small household items (i.e. dishes, sheets/comforters, etc.) that are available for all guests as needed.

Food & Clothing

All of our pantries are stocked by local donations.  While we strive to have a fully stocked pantry, there are certain items that are not donated as often and that are most popular.  If we do not have something on our shelves when participants do a monthly shop, they can “complete their shopping list” at a later date.  Thanks for your patience!


The Bread Pantry contains breads and bakery items, fresh produce, milk, cheese, and any other perishables that participants will shop.  There will also be recently expired (within 3 months) food items for participants to choose.  These are only items that are recently expired that we would still use.


The Food Pantry contains all non-perishables, which includes items for staples, baking needs, condiments, and various foods. Participants shop the pantry for the foods they would like from each category.  While accessing the Food Pantry, participants will participate in a cooking class. This teaches them how to meal plan, create meals from the foods they have received from the pantries, and how to avoid waste.

*The Food Pantry has an “Emergency Food Bag” for guests that are in need but haven’t been in our program yet, aren’t a fit for our program or guests that are simply traveling through Kearney.  This is available to everyone once a year.


We have a clothing pantry that is organized by gender, age, and season.  Participants shop the clothes as often as they would like.


Participants shop from toiletries and personal items that include feminine products, cleaning supplies, diapers, baby foods/formula, and other personal hygiene items.


Financial Assistance

For those that have a request for financial assistance (this includes utilities, rent, car assistance, hotel stays, etc.), the Storehouse team will schedule an appointment for you to meet with an advocate*.  Your advocate will frequently meet with you for the next few years, working with you to help you cover your need.  You will both work together to partner with other churches and organizations, complete a financial planning worksheet, discover areas of growth as well as strengths, and make a plan for the upcoming months.  Once you have met with your advocate, we ask for 48-72 hours to have a check ready.

*Note: Women must attend a Circles of Hope group for 18 months and are eligible for an advocate once they attend 3 consecutive meetings.  Please contact the Storehouse at 308-455-3302 to find out when our Circles of Hope groups are available!


Gas Cards

The Storehouse partners with the Casey’s gas station at 607 West 39th Street in Kearney.  As available, participants will request gas cards from their advocate, just as if they are a financial assistance request.  Our gas cards are for gas only, require you to pre-pay inside, and are only accepted at our partner Casey’s station.  We ask that you allow at least 48-72 hours for gas cards to be processed.